19 09, 2018

Scam Mail

Typically scam mail involves professional fraudsters sending convincing letters that are designed to trick people out of money or other valuables.  Scam mail can include bogus competitions and fake prize draws.  Royal Mail indicates that it often originates from overseas and is difficult for them to detect.

Royal Mail is raising awareness of the problem.  This type of mail is illegal.  It targets the most vulnerable and is not normal advertising mail.  If you or someone you know if concerned about any mail they have received the Royal Mail ask you to contact them via one of the following,

  • Writing to Royal Mail at FREEPOST SCAM MAIL, enclosing any items that are suspected of being scam mail;
  • Calling the Royal Mail Scam Mail Helpline on 0800 0113 466; or
  • Emailing scam.mail@royalmail.com

Click here to view Royal Mail’s information poster.

11 09, 2018

A66 – Stay up to date with the project.

To receive regular text updates from Highways England on the progress of the work, send a text message from your mobile phone / device with the message A66 to telephone number 07860048333.

Information from the Highways England Team can also be accessed via their dedicated webpage at www.highwaysengland.co.uk/A66EdenValley

If you have a twitter account tweets can be accessed via @highwaysNWEST

4 09, 2018

A66 – Weekend Road Closure

Highways England has made the Parish Council aware of their plans to close the A66 from Friday the 7th of September 2018 at 10.00pm until Monday the 10th of September 2018 at 3.00am.  This will then be repeated for a further 6 weekends with works programmed to be completed on Monday the 22nd of October at 3.00am.

Highways England have published a leaflet explaining their proposals.  A copy of the leaflet can be accessed here.

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