Information about the Parish Councillors currently elected to serve the Kirkby Thore Parish can be found here.


Dan Pattimore Parish Councillor Declaration Of Interest
Lorna Baker Chair of Parish Council Declaration Of Interest
Ian Thompson  Vice Chair of Parish Council Declaration of Interest
Jacky York Parish Councillor Declaration of Interest
Susannah England Parish Councillor Declaration of Interest


Councillors represent the Parish Council at regular meetings with British Gypsum, The Friends of the 563, Appleby Transport Group and Kirkby Thore Memorial Hall Committee.  Responsibility for the groups are not assigned to individual Councillors.


Kirkby Thore Parish Council has five Councillors (we have vacancies for a further 2 Councillors) plus a Clerk and meets in the Kirkby Thore Memorial Hall, every month, usually on the first Monday of the month.

All the Councillors are voluntary, part-time and take neither salary nor expenses whereas the Clerk, also part-time, receives a small salary.

Kirkby Thore Councillors are very ‘hands-on’ and are frequently involved in site visits, meeting with District and County Councillors regarding traffic calming measures, footpaths, bus services etc.