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The A66 is managed and maintained by the Highways Agency.  To report a problem either email ha_info@highways.gsi.gov.uk or call 0300 123 5000.  For more information visit www.highways.gov.uk


All other roads in the Parish are managed and maintained by Cumbria County Council . To report a problem online click here or call the Highways Hotline 0300 303 2992.  For more information visit www.cumbria.gov.uk


The 563 bus service runs between Kirkby Stephen and Penrith Monday to Saturday.  All services pick up and drop off on the A66 with 4 services (2 in each direction) calling into the village itself.  For a bus timetable click here.  The service is operated by Grand Prix Coaches.

Footpath Survey

The majority of paths and bridleways in Kirkby Thore Parish are in quite good condition, and usable by the average walker.  The condition of the paths can vary according to season and farming practices.  

The Parish Council has recently updated their report on the condition of the paths and the findings can be found here.  A map outling the paths surveyed can be found here.

It should be noted that this report is not intended as a guide to the paths, all paths can be easiliy followed using the OS Outdoor Leisure Map, sheet 19.

Street and Footway Lighting

There are two types of lighting in the village: street lights which are generally mounted on street light columns; and footway lights which are more likely to be mounted on either buildings or telegraph poles.  Both street and footway lights will have a reference number on them please refer to this number when reporting a problem.

To report a problem with a street light online click here or call the Highways Hotline 0845 609 6609.  For more information visit www.cumbria.gov.uk

To report a problem with a footway light online click here or call Eden District Council on 01768 817817.  For more information visit www.eden.gov.uk

                                        For more                                         information from                                         Cumbria                                         Constabulary click                                         here.